PresenterTitle of the Presentation
Nelson FelixThe Evolution of Patterning Challenges from High-Performance Computing to AI Applications
Doug ResnickTopography Induced Overlay Distortion Correction using Resist Drop Pattern Compensation in Nanoimprint Lithography Systems
Chris (James) Taylor"Litho material technology beyond conventional
semiconductor microlithography
Stacey BentArea Selective Atomic Layer Deposition for Advanced Patterning
Yi ZouOptimizing Overlay using Machine Learning on Combined Lithography and Non-lithography Data
John HuAn Intelligent Photon for the IC Industry - GPU AI Hardware for Deep Learning Applications
Leo PangMaking Digital Twins using the Deep Learning Kit (DLK)
Clemens Utzny Application of Machine Learning Methods to Lithographic Problems
Yuki WatanabeDeep learning in lithography applications
Soo-Ryong LeeAI Driven Computational Patterning for High Fidelity Si Prediction
Yuhang ZhaoTBD
James ShielyTBD
Stephen Hsu
Peng Liu
Kenji Yamazoe
Andy NeureutherTopics in EUV simulations (Student work and Thoughts on EUV Stochastics)
P. Jeffery Ungar
Chris Mack
Andreas Erdmann3D Mask Effects in High NA EUV
Alex TritchkovUse of native objective functions in pixel-based mask optimization
Paul Schroeder
Tom PistorEnabling novel DFM applications with a fast FullChip lithography simulator
Scotten Jones
Derren Dunn
Ric Borges
Vito DaiAdvanced Layout Analytics: from Geometric Features to Network Graph Features
Siva Kanakasabapathy
Jeffrey Smith
Naoya HashiMulti-beam Technology for Advanced Mask Patterning
Peter BuckMachine Learning Guided Curvilinear MPC
Takahiro MoriaquaSAVETM Antistatic Agent for Electron Beam Lithography
Noriaki NakayamadaProposal of a new data format for multibeam mask writer with curve expression
Henry KamberianEUV Mask Technology: Challenges and Opportunities on the Path to N3 Requirements
Mike Green Advanced modeling techniques for mask process development and verification
Martin BurkhardtInvestigation of mask absorber induced image shift in EUV lithography
Ofir SharoniImproving Chip Performance by Photomask Tuning: Ultimate intra-field CD control as a major part of an overall excursion prevention strategy
Dr. Tetsuo Nakasugi The future of NIL: enabling a new semiconductor manufacturing
Toshiyuki HisamuraACAP – Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform and the Lithography needs
Brian Cline DTCO in 2019: The Precious Metal Stack and the Route to Better Designs
Shashank EkboteAutomotive application (TBD)
Ingo SchulmeyerCorrected Low Voltage SEM for Metrology and Analytics
Yuichiro YamazakiPattern Fidelity Mass-Metrology for EUV Era
Oliver PattersonEdge Placement Error Measurement using Voltage Contrast Test Structures
Vidya VaenkatesanLocal Errors on EUV Mask and its Impact on Wafer
John PetersonIntroduction to imec’s AttoLab for ultrafast Kinetics of EUV Exposure Processes and ultra-small Pitch Lithography
Rahul LakwawatOptical Inspection for EUV ADI Defectivity
Vikram Tolani / Mark SmithComputational Patterning Prediction of Defect Printability in EUV
Chris MackMetrology for Roughness and Stochastic Variability Measurements and Why it is Essential for Making EUV Successful
Martin AntoniWe have been blind - and now we can see. Insights into semiconductor manufacturing processes by the use of Mass Spectrometry
Yuri GranikOPC for Multi-patterning
Daan SlotboomEUV-DUV matching in a world of 2nm overlay
Benjamin VincentAssessment of multi-patterning integration options using Virtual Fabrication
John PetersenAn imec experimental assessment of EUV Mutipatterning strategies
Regina FreedMaterials Based Patterning
Robert BristolStochastics everywhere, from the incoming photon to the final edge
David FriedTechnology Scaling through Variation Reduction
Stephen RenwickA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 5nm
Chris Progler Is perfection the new standard for intermask effects in advanced lithography ?
Prof Jiann-Shiun (Peter) YuanMachine Learning Enhanced Place-and-Route of 3D Process-in-Memory Accelerators
Julien RyckaertScaling solutions in the 3rd dimension
Daniel Chanemougame Devices and cell architectures in 3D
Farhang Yazdani
Curtis ZwengerChallenges Facing Lithography in Advanced Packages (such as HDFO)
Michael YeungUse of GPU accelerated Maxwell solver in rigorous lithography and
John PetersonIntroduction to imec’s AttoLab for ultrafast Kinetics of EUV Exposure Processes and ultra-small Pitch Lithography
Hiroki Miyaimask-inspection simulation
B G Kim
Juhao Wu
John Randallhigh resolution e-beam
J. Alexander LiddleDNA origami bottom-up approach